It is no secret that ice has a variety of beneficial uses for the body. For centuries, humans have used cold temperatures as a remedy for therapeutic, health, and recovery purposes. With the many ways that ice remedies the body, it is no surprise that we’ve seen a growing trend in cryotherapy in the health and wellness industry. Have you ever seen athletes sitting in ice baths after a hard practice or game? Or maybe you’re familiar with the old trick of make-up artists, sweeping ice cubes over the face to shrink puffy under-eyes and leave the skin looking firm? The same restorative therapy is applied when cooling your face with ice globes and without the mess.

how it works

Cryotherapy is not only great for your skin, but is an effective remedy for migraines and headaches as well. Blood vessels become narrower as a response to the cold, affecting circulation to the nerves associated with pain. Thus, slowing down nerve transmission of pain messaging, while also reducing the local inflammation that is often at the root of the problem. Essentially, cryotherapy reduces sensations of pain by replacing them with those of cold.

The cold shock of the ice globes constricts the blood vessels, thus reducing inflammation and tightening the skin. The blood in these constricted vessels quickly leaves the face, coming back renewed, more oxygenated, and more nutrient-rich; aiding the muscles and skin of the face by reducing wrinkles, pore size, and improving elasticity. By increasing localized blood flow, active ingredients are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and as a result, enhance the performance of your skin care products. 

faces of faceé

So by now you probably get the drift, cold is simply really good for your skin! But, you may be asking: what sets Faceé Ice Globes apart from the others in the market? Unlike other globes, our unique design features the round surface of the traditional globes on one side and a smooth flat surface on the other, allowing you to seamlessly glide over every surface of your face. As a result, our globes give you an increased surface area and maximum reach of the broader facial regions. What’s more, Faceé’s dual faced ice globes are made with thicker glass for added strength and a flat surface to prevent countertop roll-away. 

how to use

While the cooling sensation of the ice globes simply feel amazing on your skin, there is also a number of ways in which they can be used to provide various results. Whichever method you prefer, we are confident you will love the results just as much as we do. Provided below, are a few examples of how your ice globes can be incorporated into your daily routine. 

For skin lifting and tightening: 
apply medium pressure with uplifting motions 

For lymphatic drainage + circulation:

apply medium pressure with downward motions  

For migraine relief: 

place ice globes on temples for 5 minutes and repeat as needed

For dry/puffy eyes: 

place ice globes on closed eyes for 2-3 minutes and repeat as necessary

Repeat each movement 3-5 times for 10-15 minutes morning and evening. 

IMPORTANT: Do not use for more than 20 minutes. If ice globes are frozen, avoid direct continuous contact to skin.