Rose Quartz Roller + Gua Sha


Natural Rose Quartz Roller Gua Sha Tool

Used for centuries by women throughout China, the jade roller and gua sha are a few of the best kept beauty secrets. In addition to helping you relax and de-stress at the end of the day, your new rose quartz roller and gua sha can help you achieve more beautiful skin 


Helps your favorite beauty products penetrate your skin's layers
Firms the skin  
Stimulates circulation   
Supports lymphatic drainage
Promotes skin elasticity thus decreasing the appearance of fine lines

How to use: 

Apply a few drops of your favorite facial oil to skin- this reduces friction and helps the tools glide 

Start with your neck and proceed upward while applying light pressure

Slowly move onto your jawline, chin and around the mouth area moving upward then turn your attention to your checks moving in a sweeping motion left to right 

Care instructions: 

Clean with warm water and soap. Wipe your new beauty tool with a soft, damp cloth. Dry fully before storing. Do not soak or apply harsh cleaners. Place the tools in the refrigerator before use for a soothing, cooling experience 




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